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Small Bathroom Ideas: Designing Bathrooms for Smaller Homes

People are definitely looking for small bathroom ideas, judging by the fact that tens of thousands of people are searching for that term each month. Does that mean homes and therefore bathrooms getting smaller? You’d think so, but it depends on whom you ask. It’s easy to do a Google search and find headlines declaring both. Some articles say Americans are demanding smaller houses while others claim homes are about to be upsized. With that kind of disconnect, no one can say for sure.

What we can say for sure is people are looking for small bathroom ideas. In addition, we can safely predict there will be some kind of trend toward smaller homes (and therefore bathrooms) because we have record numbers of baby boomers set to retire, and many of them will want to downsize to smaller, easier-to-care-for homes. We also have Millennials who can’t afford a big house, and a movement among Americans who are tired of the expense and hassle of maintaining a big house and long for something more, or they’re tired of long commutes and want to buy a smaller townhouse closer to work.

All of those facts add up to one sure thing: More of us will probably be looking for small bathroom ideas in the near future.

As a semi-custom cabinet company well-versed in both kitchen and bathroom design, we decided to proactively speak to this trend by drawing on previous posts we’ve published. You’re sure to find helpful information in at least one of these if it’s small bathroom ideas you’re after:

Whether you’re looking for small bathroom ideas because you’re downsizing, building a vacation home with limited space, or adding a guestroom to your existing house, you’re sure to find design ideas galore in these posts. And if not, just keep watching this space!

2018 Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel Trends

Is 2018 the year you take on your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel? Then you might want to take a peek at the kitchen and bath trends designers are seeing for the coming year. Kitchen and Bath Design News recently interviewed five industry leaders to discuss the popular kitchen and bath design choices for 2017 and which will carry over into the new year. We offer you the highlights of those predictions below…

Kitchen remodel trends
In the kitchen, it seems the trends continue toward convenience to make kitchens function better than ever for today’s busy families, with:

  • Column or built-in refrigerators, large-capacity refrigerators with water and ice dispensers and specialty drawers, and refrigerators with view-inside features are all predicted to be in high demand for 2018 kitchen remodels.
  • More appliances will be smart appliances enabled with WiFi, including ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers.
  • Dishwashers will offer three racks and steam cleaning.
  • Cooking will involve more induction cooktops as the prices start to come down, and consumers will also opt for steam ovens and sous vide techniques. French door ovens will continue to grow in popularity.
  • Homeowners will continue to choose deep sinks such as farmhouse and under-mount sinks, but will move away from white to choose sinks in matte black, bronze and brushed nickel.
  • Pull-down kitchen faucets with high arcs as well as hands-free and motion-sensor faucets will be popular.
  • Soft-close cabinetry will become the norm, as will, deep, wide cabinet drawers.
  • Storage will continue to be a concern, and consumers will seek out storage features like rollouts, pullouts, cutlery drawers and spice organizers.
  • Lighting inside the cabinets as well as under-cabinet lighting will enhance the kitchen experience.
  • For cabinets, homeowners will continue to be partial to neutral painted Shaker doors, with white and off-whites cabinets dominating. Gray will no longer reign supreme as taupe becomes the new neutral.
  • That said, the trend toward darker kitchen islands will continue.
  • Quartz will be first choice in countertops, followed by granite, butcher block and marble.
  • Consumers will choose wood plank style flooring in porcelain tile and luxury vinyl tile, or large-format tile flooring.
  • Kitchen walls will get a textured look achieved with rustic wood or different tile sheens

Bathroom remodel trends
In the bathroom, experts predict consumers will opt for more style when planning their bathroom remodels

  • Wall-hung toilets, bidets and innovative toilet shapes will be more popular.
  • Consumers will choose sinks made from vessels and non-white neutrals like gray and sand.
  • Tubs will have a satin finish and a matte look, and free-standing tubs will make a comeback.
  • In many bathroom remodels, people will show a preference for tubs over stand-alone showers.
  • In large bathroom suites, however, standalone showers stay strong, and will get rain heads, body sprays and aging-in-place features like a bench.
  • Satin nickel will stay strong as a finish, but there will be more interest in polished chrome paired with gray and white painted cabinetry.
  • Homeowners will opt for darker stains on cabinets or choose color instead of the traditional all-white bathroom.
  • Consumers will want more storage, and customized storage designed specifically for bathrooms.

Of course, the choices you make for your bath or kitchen remodel will be as individual as you are, but it’s important to know what’s trendy so you won’t make design choices that make your new kitchen or bath out-of-date in just a few years!

Make the Most of Your Guest Bathroom Remodel With These Tips

Are guests headed your way this holiday, for an evening of entertainment or an extended stay? Then you might be wondering if you have enough bathrooms…and you might be thinking 2018 will be the year you either add a guest bathroom or tackle a guest bathroom remodel.

If that’s the case, let’s talk about a few important factors to keep in mind when planning that guest bathroom remodel or addition:

  • Just as drawers are replacing cabinets in the kitchen, so too in the bathroom. Consider drawers for easier access to items stored under the sink.
  • Go vertical to maximize the space you have. Use a tall cabinet as in this bathroom, to make room for towel storage. Or use vertical shelves to store everything from towels to toilet paper.
  • Consider making room for a shower. Does that sound crazy given the small space you’re working with? If so, check out the clever ways people made room for showers in small bathrooms in this article. Adding a shower can make your half bath into a three-quarter, which might increase the value of your home.
  • Recess the medicine cabinet into the wall, to gain storage without losing space.
  • Use semi custom cabinets, so you can fit the cabinets to the space you’re working with.
  • Using semi custom cabinets made by a quality company such as Wellborn Forest also means you’ll create a guest bathroom with style and panache, because you can choose from so many styles, glazes and colors.
  • Offer good lighting! Your guest bathroom might be tucked under the stairs or in another window-less space. Make up for that lack of natural light by installing plenty of well-placed light fixtures in the guest bath.
  • Rethink the pedestal sink. Sure, lots of homeowners think the pedestal sink is a nice idea for the spare bathroom because it takes up less room, but where the heck are your guests supposed to put their toothbrushes or razor when using that same sink? Give them some countertop instead.
  • Use mirrors to add a sense of space to a small guest bathroom…but place them carefully, please, so guests don’t get an unwelcome reflection when stepping out of the shower!
  • Consider a pocket door if space is really cramped, and you’d rather the door didn’t swing into the bathroom. (We’ve all been there, right? Trying to squeeze around the door we just opened so we can shut it again?)
  • Downsize…by that we mean, think small in order to keep your guest bathroom in scale. Choose a slightly smaller sink, a skinnier faucet, the streamlined toilet, the thinner light fixture. Keep scale in mind when adding accessories too, such as a rug and the towels. Yes, you want to wow your guests with extra thick towels, but not if the towels take over the bathroom!

Once your guest bathroom remodel is complete, take it to the next level by anticipating your guests’ needs. What do you find in a hotel bathroom? Offer it here, supplying a hair dryer, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, pretty soaps, and extra toothbrushes. When you think through all those little conveniences on behalf of your guests, they’ll feel even more at home in your home.

How to Start a Bathroom Remodel? With a Bathroom Budget

Although a kitchen remodel is probably a bigger undertaking that does not make a bathroom remodel any small feat. Since the bathroom is such an important room, a bathroom remodel is still a big deal, even if it’s not a complicated as redoing the kitchen. And that’s why many people start by questioning how to start a bathroom remodel.

Our advice? Start with your budget. Below you’ll find tips for starting on your budget and other tips for keeping it in check…

A bathroom remodel is a sound investment
Although you might be motivated by a need for more space or a desire to update your bathroom to get rid of the pink porcelain, a bathroom remodel is a sound investment in your home. So when you see the costs, keep that in mind. Experts say it’s a sure way to increase your home’s value, and you’ll get a return on your investment of up to 80%. That means if you spend $20,000 on the remodel, you might increase the value of your home by up to $16,000.

Not that $20,000 is a magic number. I only used that example for easy math. An average bathroom remodel cost just over $11,000 in 2016 according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), although plenty of people will spend upwards of $30,000 and more for a bathroom remodel.

How to start a bathroom remodel? With a budget breakdown
When you’re starting on your budget, keep this basic breakdown in mind:

  • Most of your cost will go toward labor and installation, about 20%
  • Your cabinets and hardware will probably be your second biggest cost at 16%
  • Then fixtures at 15%, meaning tub, toilet, shower, sink
  • And plumbing plus faucets at 14%

Obviously, you’ll have costs for flooring, painting, sheetrock, lighting and more, but the costs above will probably be your biggest so they are the costs that will eat up a bulk of the budget. Anything you can do to keep these costs down will help you know how to start a bathroom remodel without feeling overwhelmed.

Advice for keeping bathroom remodel costs down
Is the cost of a bathroom remodel starting to make you nervous? Then consider ways to cut the costs before you start putting numbers down on paper. When it comes to the big cost of labor, you can do some of the work yourself to keep that cost down. For example, you can probably do the demolition of the old bathroom and paint the walls and trim once they’re installed.

Keeping fixtures in place also cuts costs. If the tub and toilet can be replaced but not relocated, you’ll save a lot on labor and plumbing costs, for example. The same is true of the sink and shower. Any time the plumbing can stay, try to make it so and you’ll save big on labor and plumbing costs both.

You can also keep your bathroom cabinet costs down by buying from a bathroom cabinets company that offers semi custom cabinets (which are more affordable than custom cabinets). A company like Wellborn Forest Products offers dozens of door styles and countless finish and color options, giving you a plentiful choice without making you pay a plentiful price.

Does Color Count? When Reselling Your Home, Bathroom Color Counts a Lot!

When you’re thinking about paint colors for your new kitchen or bathroom remodel, you might want to look at Zillow’s report on colors in 2017. It delves into which paint colors helped houses to sell for more vs. which colors decreased a home’s market value.

What color cabinets? Find out first
As we’ve mentioned before in this kitchen cabinets blog, it’s likely you won’t stay put in that home where you’re doing your major kitchen or bathroom remodel, because Americans move on average 11 times in a lifetime. For that reason, you might want to remodel with resale in mind, as discussed here. And now this new information from Zillow can help to guide your color decisions, so you’re adding resale value, not detracting from it, when you choose your cabinet or wall colors.

The big bang of blue bathrooms
The 2017 Color Paint Analysis conducted by Zillow is based on a study of over 32,000 photos of homes that sold. From those photos and the sale prices of the homes, the experts at Zillow were able to quantify the effect of room color on a home’s resale value. For example, a light blue or periwinkle bathroom can increase a home’s resale value significantly (by $5,440 according to the study!), while an off-white or eggshell bathroom can decrease the value by several thousand dollars.

And what about kitchens?
The study looked at kitchens too, although that didn’t find the significant price difference like we see with the bathrooms. According to the study, yellow kitchens will lower price while light blue and soft gray blue kitchens will increase the price (by $1,809 on average). In fact, the study found that in general throughout the house distinct colors like yellow and red will decrease the price although not as much as a total lack of color.

Blue has widespread appeal
Note, however, that the upward or downward effect of the color seems to depend on the room. For example, while blue bathrooms can increase the price, blue living rooms tend to decrease the price.

Yet, with the exception of the living room, blue seems to be an appealing color throughout the house. In addition to blue kitchens and bathrooms increasing appeal and sales prices, blue seems to have a positive effect in bedrooms and dining rooms as well. Keep in mind, however, that these are very specific types of blues, such as light cerulean and slate blue and cadet blue, as well as periwinkle in the bathroom. So not just any blue will do!

Although every color choice is on a case-by-case basis and deeply personal, meaning this study shouldn’t dictate your kitchen or bathroom remodel color schemes, it does reiterate the importance of keeping resale in mind should you plan to move again in the future. Kitchen and bathroom remodels can come with a steep price tag, even when you’re saving money by choosing semi custom cabinets. Make sure you get a return on that investment by making wise color and cabinet choices from the start.

4 Extra Reasons to Choose Semi Custom Bathroom Cabinets for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms get a lot of our attention when we decide to do a remodel. Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms most often remodeled in the U.S., with homeowners spending an average of $11,364 on bathroom remodels in 2016.

People remodel bathrooms for several reasons but usually because they want to update an old bathroom, make better use of the space, or install a bigger tub or shower. Semi custom bathroom cabinets can help with all of those reasons.

Some of the reasons for choosing semi custom cabinets for your bathroom are the same as using them in the kitchen: you get a custom cabinet look without the custom cabinet price, you can get exactly the color or finish you want for your new bathroom, you get a higher quality cabinet compared to ready-made cabinets, and you can get cabinets that fit your space.

If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you, consider these four additional reasons for using semi custom bathroom cabinets for your bathroom remodel:

  1. You can add a linen closet to the bathroom, so towels are right where you need them. A tall, narrow cabinet takes up little room and adds convenience.
  2. You can configure the bathroom to the way it’s used. Are you remodeling your master bath? The guest bedroom? The kids’ bathroom? The little half bath off the entryway? You only have one kitchen in your house, but probably more than one bathroom and each bathroom is used in a different way. Choosing semi custom bathroom cabinets gives you flexibility to design the room to function the way you want based on how it’s used.
  3. You can create a his and hers bathroom without adding on to the house. Semi custom bathroom cabinets can be designed to create separate spaces and even add a little privacy, so there’s a his side and a hers side to this one busy room.
  4. You can get exactly the look you want in each room. Perhaps your master bath is a place of refuge and relaxation and you want a luxurious design, so you feel pampered while relaxing at the end of the day. You can choose semi custom bathroom cabinets detailed to look like furniture for a rich, opulent look. On the other hand, you probably want the kids’ bathroom to be easy to clean and maintain. Sleek cabinets might work best for that room, because they’re easy to wipe down when cleaning.

No matter the reason for the bathroom remodel, the reasons for choosing semi custom bathroom cabinets are clear!