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For Mudrooms That Work to Keep Clutter at Bay, Use Mudroom Cabinets


mudroom cabinets and ideas

Why should we use mudroom cabinets to organize that family-only entry point? Because, although we call it a mudroom, we don’t really want a mudroom—we want an anti-mudroom, a place to stop dirt and clutter from getting from the outside of the house to the inside of the house. Mudroom cabinets won’t do anything to stop those muddy paws or soaking wet shoes from making their way across the threshold, but they can help to keep the clutter at bay by offering a place to stash backpacks and leashes and coats and all the other paraphernalia that walks through the door with your family members.

It’s easy to get inspired by tidy-looking mudrooms, but let’s face it: Those adorable mudrooms on Pinterest with the color-coordinated coats and the ultra-clean rubber boots? They are fake. They make for visually appealing photographs, but every time I see one of those pictures and the boots or shoes are perfectly clean, as is the floor, I think, “You’re doing it wrong.”

In my experience as a wife, mother and dog owner, the mudroom is never actually clean. (And we’ve never once had color-coordinated rubber boots!) It doesn’t matter how many doormats you put down outside the door or how strict you are about the shoes, dirt will make it into your mudroom. And then the clutter is no longer cute. Clean clutter can be cute, as in the Pinterest photos. But real mudrooms don’t have clean, color-coordinated clutter—just clutter.

Mudroom cabinets are the solution. You’re not going to keep the dirt out of the house, but you can minimize the clutter to keep the room looking neat. Plus, they are versatile. Mudroom cabinets can be built-ins that give you both a place to stash shoes and gloves, as well as a place to sit down while putting shoes on and taking them off. Mudroom cabinets can be locker style—tall, thin semi custom cabinets that can hide away coats with hooks inside the cabinets but with places for shoes, boots and umbrellas below, and shelving for items such as hats up above. Mudroom cabinets can be whatever you need them to be.

Mudroom cabinets can give your room a clean, tidy look because items can be stashed away but also because the cabinets will look polished and uniform in appearance. And semi custom cabinets  let you modify the mudroom cabinets to fit both your space and your family’s needs. Do you need additional storage in your mudroom, say for cleaning supplies or winter gear? Semi custom cabinets can be used to customize your storage to fit your exact needs. Does your mudroom have tall ceilings and you could add extra storage up there? Semi custom cabinets make it so.

Thank goodness for spouses and kids and dogs and all of the busy-ness of life that makes having a family so wonderful. But thank goodness also for ways to keep some of the messiness of that family under control. And mudroom cabinets can do just that!

Kitchen Storage Ideas Enable Efficiency and Tidiness in Today’s Busy Kitchens

It has never been easier to have a well-organized, efficient kitchen. In addition to state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that give you the kind of control formerly only available to professional chefs and the convenience of Internet-enabled appliances, storage is now state-of-the-art as well. Kitchen storage ideas can be found all over Pinterest, and even on our website!

From pot lids to dishes to waste bins to liquor bottles, kitchen storage ideas abound for storing just about every imaginable pot, gadget, bowl or small appliance in a way that tucks it out of sight when it is not needed yet makes it easily accessible when it is.

Kitchen storage ideas keep this busy room tidy
In a way, this evolution of kitchen storage ideas makes perfect sense, because kitchens have evolved into multipurpose rooms where we not only cook and clean up, but also eat, socialize, work and relax. We’re also much more creative in the kitchen these days, and we use a lot of tools and equipment to help us get the cooking done.

All of that means the kitchen is a very busy room with a lot of moving parts, and without kitchen storage ideas that keep pieces out of the way until needed, the kitchen could easily become a very messy room at the same time!

Clever kitchen ideas can customize your new kitchen
If you’re designing your dream kitchen, and you’re planning to pull together a kitchen that’s uniquely you, think past the look of your kitchen to consider the storage too. Clever kitchen ideas can play a key part in customizing your new kitchen so it not only looks unique to you but functions that way as well, making it the ultimate in efficiency for how you like to cook.

Only take a quick look at the kitchen storage ideas on the Wellborn Forest website, and you’ll see utensil organizers, skinny pantry pullouts that make use of skinny spaces, dish drawers with adjustable pegs, and even a removable rollout caddy that holds cleaning supplies. All of these components can be combined in the way you want for your ideal kitchen.

Kitchen storage today means no more jumbled drawers one digs through to find the one-third measuring cup, or pulling out the blender so you can reach the waffle iron at the back of the cabinet. (Yes, I’m describing real-life experiences here!) Instead, the clever kitchen ideas thought up by professionals and amateurs alike have led to kitchen storage ideas that can keep our kitchens tidy and clutter-free, while making increasing their efficiency—and ours as well.

Kitchen Storage Solutions Abound with Ingenuity–and Semi Custom Cabinets

Although we’re well into 2017, we’re still paying attention to the trends predicted at the beginning of the year. When we look at top kitchen design trends for 2017, clever storage solutions definitely top the list. From the ingenious DIY creations to the farmhouse-styled elements to the built-in options offered by cabinet manufacturers, kitchen storage solutions abound.

When it comes to useful fixes to storage problems, it can be as simple as a magazine box attached to the inside of a cabinet door to provide storage for foil and wax paper boxes. Or it can be as elaborate as a pantry hidden behind barn doors. Kitchen storage can be as ad hoc as vintage baskets on a shelf or as well-designed as semi custom cabinets built exactly to your specifications to fit an unusual space.

Clever kitchen storage solutions using semi custom cabinets
Only visit Pinterest or turn to Google and you’ll find hundreds of clever kitchen storage ideas from the simple to the sophisticated. Below you’ll find only a handful of the many ideas we’ve seen that use semi custom cabinets to provide extremely efficient storage space:

  • Check out the pullout bar in this kitchen, where a very narrow space has been cleverly converted into storage for liquor bottles using what we call a wall filler pullout.
  • Adding transom cabinets adds storage, especially when you put transom cabinets above the kitchen window.
  • When choosing your semi custom cabinets, have a bookshelf built in for your cookbooks. In this kitchen, the bookshelves are on the end of the wall, but they could be built in to any part of your cabinetry or even your kitchen island.
  • Or use that awkward space to make a cabinet for your broom, mop and cleaning supplies, as in this example.
  • Workspace that you pull out only when you need it isn’t exactly a storage solution, but it is a space saver—which is almost the same thing. As an added bonus, for those of us who are a little shorter, a roll-out baking area like this one puts the work surface at the right height for kneading dough.

Make storage solutions part of your semi custom cabinets
On our website, you can find all kinds of kitchen storage solutions you can include in your design when choosing your semi custom cabinets. You’ll find utensil organizers, wall-filler pullouts, pull-down drawers, wooden pegs you can use to organize drawer space, waste bin drawers, knife-block drawers, spice drawers and door mounts, even a bread drawer and a removable caddy that rolls out and can be picked up and carried—perfect for cleaning supplies!

Your clever kitchen storage solution might be something as simple as hanging coffee cups from hooks or wine glasses from a DIY-built shelf. But with all the functional ways you can add storage to your new kitchen with semi custom cabinets, it’s worth looking into your options for building in that storage from day 1—as cute as those vintage baskets might be.

Note: To make the most of your new kitchen, and to optimize the storage and functionality of that kitchen—even with all of these ingenious ideas—we still suggest you work with a kitchen designer who can help to ensure you’re using the space as efficiently as possible.

3 Reasons to Make Transom Cabinets Part of Your Semi Custom Cabinets Selection

3 Reasons to Make Transom Cabinets Part of Your Semi Custom Cabinets Selection

What kind of wall cabinets are you envisioning for your new kitchen? Are you picturing cabinets that extend to the ceiling or leave a space? Or are you not yet sure?

If you’re still determining the look you want for your wall cabinets and you’re shopping for semi custom cabinets, consider using transom cabinets. Transom cabinets are the shorter cabinets placed above the usual wall cabinets. They typically fill the vertical gap left between the top of the normal height wall cabinet and the ceiling.

The word transom means a horizontal structural element such as a beam or a crosspiece. Transom windows above doors were useful in the past because they allowed for air flow and light without loss of privacy, plus they were secure: It would be a challenge to squeeze through that small space at the top of the door! You might have noticed them when you’ve been in an older building. Transoms were highly functional back in the days before air conditioning, and they were often treated as decorative elements as well.

In your new kitchen, transom cabinets also have the potential to be highly functional as well as decorative. Using transom cabinets in your new kitchen makes sense for several reasons. Our three favorites are below:

One: Transom cabinets use what would otherwise be wasted (dusty) space
I grew up in a house with wall cabinets that left a good 12 to 16 inches vacant between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. My mother stored some decorative items up there, but I remember that space being—in my mind—wasted and dusty. We didn’t use any of the items stored on top of the cabinets, and if we had wanted to, they likely would have been dusty dirty because it was a pain to get up there and clean that awkward space.

Transom cabinets can be used to close that space and make it functional and decorative.

Two: Transom cabinets can add to your kitchen’s design
Transom cabinets can also embellish your kitchen’s design, because you can be more ornate with these smaller top cabinets. Many homeowners and designers who choose to use transom cabinets opt for semi custom cabinets with glass fronts or other decorative elements. These types of details would be impractical on the wall cabinets used daily, or even overpowering to the overall kitchen design. Used only on the transom cabinets, however, these embellishments are like accessories enhancing your kitchen design.

On the other hand, you can also keep a streamlined look, and use the same style of semi custom cabinets for the transom cabinets as for the wall ones. This upper area is one with many design options, and when it comes to transom cabinets, you have a lot of flexibility.

Three: Transom cabinets provide extra storage
Although you could use the tops of your wall cabinets for storage, that can look cluttered and messy (plus be a dusting nightmare as in my childhood home). With transom cabinets, however, you add functional storage to your kitchen, for those items you don’t often need. If you choose glass front transom cabinets, you can use that storage space to highlight favorite pottery pieces or other decorative elements. Or solid front transom cabinets can hide less attractive kitchen items such as the turkey roaster you only use once a year—or the yogurt maker you only used once before but someday will try again.

Transom cabinets can also be used for decorative lighting in your new kitchen, to showcase a collection, or a myriad of other reasons. But regardless of the reasons you choose to use them, transom cabinets are always a good idea in our kitchen design book!

Customize Your Semi Custom Cabinets Even More With These Clever Storage Solutions

One huge advantage you get with semi custom cabinets? Plenty of kitchen cabinet storage solutions!

Depending on how old you are, you might remember kitchens without any fancy storage options. I remember when I thought a Lazy Susan was a marvel! No more reaching way into the back of a cabinet!

Granted, I grew up in a small house with a tiny kitchen that more closely resembled a galley or a hallway than any kind of a functional room for kitchen. (Later after I was grown and gone, my mother had it remodeled to be much more functional. I still don’t know how we coped as well as we did in that tiny, nonsensical kitchen for over 20 years!)

Old-fashioned kitchens lacked storage solutions
Kitchens didn’t use to have any kind of special storage solutions. You had drawers and you had cabinets. Period. If you wanted to sort out your silverware, you bought a tray to add to your drawer for that purpose. Cooking utensils and measuring cups were jumbled together, and you stacked your pots and pans a certain way to fit them into the cabinet. I still to this day have my wooden spoons in an old coffee pot on the counter because that’s the way I’ve always done it (and how I grew up).

Anyone else remember kitchens like that?

Today’s semi custom cabinets offer storage galore
That’s not how we roll today, however. Today’s kitchens are uber efficient, with all kinds of creative storage solutions that you can shop from when buying high-end semi custom cabinets.

Only consider all of the efficient storage options you have when designing today’s dream kitchens:

  • Knife block dividers
  • Utensil organizers
  • Smart storage for small spice jars
  • Pull-out drawers for garbage bins, pots and pans, you name it
  • Tray dividers
  • Clever storage for cleaning supplies
  • Tip-out trays
  • Skinny pull-out storage that fits odd spaces
  • Even bread drawers!

Knife & utensil organizer






Being able to choose from among these storage options in addition to all of the choices available in styles and finishes means you can design your new dream kitchen to be fully customized for you and how you cook—while staying within the semi custom cabinet budget.

Now that’s a recipe for success!