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For Mudrooms That Work to Keep Clutter at Bay, Use Mudroom Cabinets


mudroom cabinets and ideas

Why should we use mudroom cabinets to organize that family-only entry point? Because, although we call it a mudroom, we don’t really want a mudroom—we want an anti-mudroom, a place to stop dirt and clutter from getting from the outside of the house to the inside of the house. Mudroom cabinets won’t do anything to stop those muddy paws or soaking wet shoes from making their way across the threshold, but they can help to keep the clutter at bay by offering a place to stash backpacks and leashes and coats and all the other paraphernalia that walks through the door with your family members.

It’s easy to get inspired by tidy-looking mudrooms, but let’s face it: Those adorable mudrooms on Pinterest with the color-coordinated coats and the ultra-clean rubber boots? They are fake. They make for visually appealing photographs, but every time I see one of those pictures and the boots or shoes are perfectly clean, as is the floor, I think, “You’re doing it wrong.”

In my experience as a wife, mother and dog owner, the mudroom is never actually clean. (And we’ve never once had color-coordinated rubber boots!) It doesn’t matter how many doormats you put down outside the door or how strict you are about the shoes, dirt will make it into your mudroom. And then the clutter is no longer cute. Clean clutter can be cute, as in the Pinterest photos. But real mudrooms don’t have clean, color-coordinated clutter—just clutter.

Mudroom cabinets are the solution. You’re not going to keep the dirt out of the house, but you can minimize the clutter to keep the room looking neat. Plus, they are versatile. Mudroom cabinets can be built-ins that give you both a place to stash shoes and gloves, as well as a place to sit down while putting shoes on and taking them off. Mudroom cabinets can be locker style—tall, thin semi custom cabinets that can hide away coats with hooks inside the cabinets but with places for shoes, boots and umbrellas below, and shelving for items such as hats up above. Mudroom cabinets can be whatever you need them to be.

Mudroom cabinets can give your room a clean, tidy look because items can be stashed away but also because the cabinets will look polished and uniform in appearance. And semi custom cabinets  let you modify the mudroom cabinets to fit both your space and your family’s needs. Do you need additional storage in your mudroom, say for cleaning supplies or winter gear? Semi custom cabinets can be used to customize your storage to fit your exact needs. Does your mudroom have tall ceilings and you could add extra storage up there? Semi custom cabinets make it so.

Thank goodness for spouses and kids and dogs and all of the busy-ness of life that makes having a family so wonderful. But thank goodness also for ways to keep some of the messiness of that family under control. And mudroom cabinets can do just that!

Semi Custom Cabinets—Use Them in Rooms Throughout the House for Prettiness and Polish

Semi custom cabinets: They’re not just for kitchens any more! In fact, built-in cabinetry seems to be quite a popular trend for all kinds of rooms, like these…

Semi custom cabinets in home offices
Using semi custom cabinets in the home office can yield gorgeous and useful results. If you have a home office, you know how hard it can be to keep the clutter at a bay, especially when work is extra busy. Built-in cabinets can give your home office a much tidier look compared to a room full of free-standing furniture. In addition, using semi custom cabinets gives your home office a professional look, which is helpful for getting you into a work mindset when you first walk through the door in the morning, and impressive if clients come to your home office.

Semi custom cabinets in mudrooms
Mudrooms are not big rooms yet they are expected to do a lot of heavy lifting, managing the family’s coats and footwear in addition to various and sundry other things (at least in our mudroom). And…they get dirty, hence the name “mudroom,” I guess. Using semi custom cabinets in the mudroom can greatly increase the efficiency of that small space, while keeping it tidy and neat looking at the same time.

Semi custom cabinets in quilt or craft rooms
I had not heard of a quilting room until I went on a holiday home tour two years ago and saw one. As someone who hopes to have more time for crafts and sewing in the future, I was intrigued, so I looked into the idea of craft rooms and learned they are growing in popularity. And semi custom cabinets are just the thing to make rooms like this highly functional! Only consider all of the supplies you have on hand if you’re a sewer, crafter or quilter. Now imagine having built-in cabinets that are lovely in appearance while providing a place to store all of those supplies, neatly out-of-sight and (we hope) well-organized.

Semi custom cabinets in the playroom
My kids didn’t have a playroom when young. Instead, our small house was the playroom and toys would be flung about by the end of the day, when they’d be picked up and put back into toy boxes or on to shelves. I can only imagine how nice it would be to have semi custom cabinets in a playroom for stowing those toys away, especially since it can make it very easy for the little ones to do some of the stowing on their own! As with the other rooms mentioned, the playroom can also benefit from the neat appearance of built-in cabinets.

Semi custom cabinets in the entertainment room
Perhaps this one goes without saying, but if you’re building a house that includes an entertainment room and you’re not yet thinking about using built-in cabinets, maybe think again. Check out all of the creative ideas people have pinned on Pinterest using semi custom cabinets as part of their entertainment rooms, to see how polished, pretty and efficient this can be.

In today’s homes that favor open concept living, using semi custom cabinets makes a lot of sense because these built-ins have a polished look yet offer an extremely efficient way to provide storage. If you’re building and remodeling your home and looking at cabinets for your kitchen, maybe take a look at some cabinets for your other rooms too.